Single Currency Cash Passport

The Single Currency Cash Passport has been replaced
 by the Multi-currency Cash Passport, a new and improved product.

Your single currency Cash Passport will still work

While we no longer issue the Single Currency Cash Passpot in New Zealand, you can still use your card as normal.

Your card will remain active, ready to use and can be easily reloaded using the instructions below.

Alternatively, you can cash out your single currency card and opt to open a new Multi-currency Cash Passport.

Login into 'My Account' for Single Currency Cards

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Want to Cash out your Single Currency Card? 

If you would prefer not to keep your Card at the end of your trip, you can withdraw your remaining balance (assuming it is within the ATM’s issuing limits) from an ATM, displaying the MasterCard® acceptance mark.

How to reload your single currency card

You can reload your Cash Passport with additional funds from anywhere in the world, using Bill Payment via Internet/Phone banking or before you leave.

Using Bill Payment, you can reload your Cash Passport from anywhere in the world, all you need is access to your internet banking*. 



Cash Passport

(If you can’t find Cash Passport, please contact your bank)

Particulars Field

Enter the first 6 digits of your Cash Passport Card number

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Code Field

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Enter the first 6 digits of your Cash Passport Card number

Reference Field

Enter the last 10 digits of your Cash Passport Card number

Enter the last 10 digits of your Cash Passport Card number



How is the single currency Cash Passport different to the Multi-currency Cash Passport?

The single currency card only holds one particular currency.

The Multi-currency Cash Passport allows you to load up to 9 different currencies on the one card and take advantage of new features that are outlined on this website.

Upgrade to Multi Currency Cash Passport

Locked-in exchange rates*

Know exactly how much foreign currency you have; lock-in your exchange rate with each load.

9 foreign currencies, 1 card

Currencies available: USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD, SGD, JPY and AUD.

Accepted at 35.9 million locations worldwide

Cash Passport is a prepaid Multi-currency MasterCard. You can access your money anywhere that MasterCard© is accepted electronically.

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