How it works

How it works
  • Easy to budget

    Easy to budget

    Lock in your exchange rates before you leave, giving you an exact amount to spend in foreign currency.

    The prevailing exchange rate is locked in for the initial load value only. Subsequent card reloads will be processed at the then prevailing exchange rate on the day of the reload transaction, and will be locked in at that rate.

  • Reloadable

    Prepaid & Reloadable

    You can reload your travel money card as many times as you like.

    Easy reloads

    Once you run out of funds, simply top up your card and then choose which foreign currency you would like to use.

    Bill Payment

    You can reload using Bill Payment to conveniently add more money to your Cash Passport card from online banking.

  • Convenient


    Load up to 9 separate currencies on the one card.

    Acts like a credit card, giving you the ability to buy online or in store - anywhere that MasterCard® is accepted.

    Withdraw local currency (cash) from any ATM that accepts MasterCard, as you need it.

  • Adaptable


    Take your card anywhere in the world - accepted anywhere that you see a MasterCard® logo.

    Buy currency at favourable times, taking advantage of fluctuating exchange rates.

  • Safe + Secure

    Safer Travel Money

    Your Multi-Currency Cash Passport is protected by CHIP + PIN technology with an added signature panel on the back.

    You receive a backup card upon ordering should you need it in emergencies.

    You also receive complimentary 24/7 global emergency assistance.

  • Easy to manage

    Easy to manage

    You can reload your card, check your balance, allocate funds and view your recent transactions online from anywhere in the world.

    Simply view 'My Account'.