Managing your money easily

You can manage your Cash Passport online with a full suite of internet banking tools designed to make travelling and spending online easy. 'My Account' lets you stay in control of your spending and manage your personal details with ease.

'My Account' features

View your available balances

Check the available balance across all 9 currencies. If you begin to run low on a particular currency, either add more money by topping up online or simply transfer from one currency to another.

Top up your card

Cash Passport is reloadable; you can simply top up your funds whenever you like using the online reload process. You can lock-in your rates and pay in NZD via Bill Payment or Bank Transfer.

View transaction history

Keep an eye on all transactions by regularly checking where your card has been used, another way to monitor any suspect activity while travelling overseas or shopping online.

Cash Passport mobile app (iPhone & Android)

Managing your card is easy with the Cash Passport mobile app. You can quickly view your available balance, transaction history and locate your nearest ATM based on where you are.

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